Jun. 21, 2019

June 21, 2019

Hello Adventurers!

Sure missed chatting with everyone last week.  Steve Shannon and KQFC were very busy with Country Stomp, but we are back! This week is really shaping up to be a busy one.  There is a TON of things happening in the valley. We all know the BIG stuff like Bogus Fest will going on as well as the circus, but I would like to highlight some of the possibly, lesser known, but just as fun, events you don’t want to miss out on.

1.First, Friday night at the Morrison Center there is a show called Rain and it is a tribute to the Beatles.  This is a fantastic show that transports you back in time to the wonderful era of the Beatles. This show has gotten amazing reviews all across the country and is not to be missed.  If you are like me and the Beatles are legends, then you don’t want to miss this. The show starts at 8, but I would get there early to get your tickets.

2.This entire weekend is also the 2019 World Village Festival in Downtown Boise at Cecil D Andrus Park.  Cultural and music enthusiasts from all over are invited to this FREE, family friendly event. There will be traditional and contemporary performances, workshops, art, film and an international market.  This festival celebrates Idaho’s international and traditional artists, musicians, and storytellers. There are participants representing the basque, chinese, japanese, bosnian, greet, latin, african and native american cultures, just to name a few.  The fun starts Friday night at 4 pm and continues thru Sunday. This is a great opportunity to get the family out and introduce the kiddos to some cultural diversity.

3.  Now, an event I’m really looking forward to happens Saturday night at Julia Davis Park.  It is the Boise Lantern Festival. I have been waiting for this festival to come to Boise ever since the Disney Movie Tangled came out!  The event starts at 630 and is family friendly. There will be food trucks, music and a ton of fun. Friends, family and strangers will come together to celebrate life by releasing beautiful water lanterns out onto the Boise River.  Whether you come to launch or just to watch, it is going to be a beautiful event.

4.  Sunday is even looking to be busy this week!  First, start your Sunday off kinda healthy I guess, with Beer Yoga at Lost Grove Brewing.  Taught by Lyndzee Johnson, you can drink a beer and get your yoga on starting at 10. Bring your own mat and the class last about an hour.  Stay and enjoy the brews at Lost Grove after.

5.  End this busy weekend with the Malicious Monster Truck Tour at Meridian Speedway.  Check out these monster trucks getting nasty out on the race track. Bring the whole family to this family friendly event of wild entertainment.  Gates open at noon and the show starts at 2. Looks like some serious fun, not to mention the truck designs are always incredibly cool to view. Tickets are $20 and under with discounts available.  Great way to spend a sunday.

***  BucketList Adventure this Week ***

I have been busy this week working on my Bucketlist.  I spent most of my time down in southern Idaho. I was lucky enough to wander into a place I had no idea would be so awe inspiring.  About 4 and a half hours south of Boise, below Pocatello is a ghost town called Chesterfield. It is not your typical ghost town, Chesterfield faded out gradually, back in the day, from a combination of economic downturns, harsh winters and the pull of an easier life in the city. But those with family ties and roots in the town were reluctant to let the town and its memories die.

The idea for settlement first came to Chester Call as he was traveling through the valley in 1880, in search of grazing land. The next spring, he brought his family up to settle a small ranch because the Salt Lake Valley was getting overcrowded with all of the Pioneers traveling in. He got some friends and family, and before too long, a town arose in the foothills of the valley.

Today, the historic townsite is run by the Chesterfield Foundation, a combination of descendents from the original inhabitants of this community, and has been since 1980 when the first building, the Meeting House, was reconstructed. Currently, most of the historic homes are restored to their original state, including most of the main town buildings. Some of the restored homes are absolutely beautiful.  The details from table setting to bed linens are perfect and so complete you almost want to move in.

I met Jim Douglas and his wife Jolene who are a couple of the caretakers for the town.  Jim took us on a free tour which included the buildings and their historical stories. Details you wouldn’t believe.  There is what they call the romance house, the doctors house and even the haunted house. Super nice people that have dedicated themselves to helping preserve this important piece of Idaho history.  There is even a mercantile store.

The Foundation is working hard to restore the rest of the buildings on the townsite, including relocating a few of the country homes onto the site. Tours are available Monday through Saturday until Labor Day starting at 10 am and ending at 6 pm.  The Foundation does this all themselves with help from donations and grants. They are not a state run facility, so they really appreciate all the support they receive from visitors.

This is an amazing place to visit.  You can literally spend all day exploring the town.  One thing that makes this a unique ghost town in Idaho is that it was not a mining town, but an agricultural area.  Very different than most of the ghost towns you visit in Idaho.  I strongly suggest the tour. Its FREE and you can not only get inside these amazing buildings, but you also get first hand storytelling of the town’s history.  The beauty of this place is astonishing. Its difficult to comprehend how difficult the living conditions were, but when you feel the constant wind, even in the summer, it is a little more clear.

The foundation is in constant need of donations and volunteers.  So if you would like to volunteer your time to explore a ghost town, keep up grounds and teach others the history, here is where you should.  Contact information is available on their website (just click here) and you can volunteer a week, a month or an entire summer. They will welcome you with open arms!  

This is a great day trip or really spend some time down in Southern Idaho  and explore the many other Bucketlist opportunities in the area. Stayed tuned.  I will be sharing more of my southern Idaho adventures in the weeks to follow.

Have a great week!