May. 24, 2019

May 24, 2019

Hello fello adventurers!

Sorry there was no post last week.  If you tune into KQFC with Steve Shannon on Friday mornings then you know that I was doing a remote show in Central Idaho.  Last week was an adventure filled week with lots of BucketList adventures.  Be sure to stay tuned to the website to catch up on all those adventures.  

I am back in Boise this Memorial Day Weekend and there is lots going on!  Memorial Weekend might be a little wet this year, but its going to be as fun as a Slip-n-Slide!  All around the Valley there are plenty of fun activities if you decide its too sloopy outside for camping.  Here I have just the activities to keep you busy right at home!

1.  All this week Stage Coach Theatre is doing Legally Blonde. Enjoy an award winning musical full of laughs with the whole family WHILE staying dry.  Can't beat that!  The show starts Friday night at 8 pm with showings all week.  Tickets are only $20 and can be purchased here.

2.  Another fun family activity for this weekend is the Amazing Scavenger Hunt Adventure.  Each day over the weekend, starting Friday, from 10 to 7 turn Boise into a giant game board. Teams solve clues and complete challanges while learning local history and enjoying a tour of this fantastic city we all call home!  

Play at your own pace.  A great opportunity for the family to play and learn at the same time.  Sigh up here

3.  For some adult fun this weekend, head over to Cowgirls in Kuna.  Saturday night Country Music Star Josh Gracin will be in town and performing for Idaho's Country Music Fans!  Josh is a Veteran so Memorial Day is just his platform.  He will be performing songs like "Nothing to Lose" and "Stay with Me".  Its going to be a great show!

Tickets are only $5 and available at the door.  Show starts at 9.  See you there!

4.  Did you know that every year on May 25th TOWEL DAY is celebrated as a tribute to author Douglas Adams and his Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyTowel Day came to light because according to Adams, and I quote, "A towel is about themost massively useful thing an intersteller hitchhiker can have".

Re-Pop Gifts on 10th Street in Boise is celebrating Towel Day with FREE screen printed tea towels with a $10 purchase.  Plus there will be a prize for the 42nd customer.  Get down there and join in the celebration.  You never know when you might be hitchhiking the galaxy and need that towel!

5.  Now, Saturday is also the 2nd Annual Boise Dog Carnival.  This is a fun activity for the entire family including fur babies!  The fun starts at 9 at the Julia Davis Park Bandshell.  There will be dog contests, a parade, demos, vendors, food, games and it's FREE.  You can even enter your fur baby into one of the contest.  There is even a Look-a-Like contest for parents and fur babies.  And its all FREE!

The event is hosted by Maidens Hope, a non-profit that provides housing and education for girls in the Philipines that wouldn't have access otherwise.  You can find the schedule on their website.  Just click the link above.  

6.  Sunday check out the Rock-N-Roll Icons Show at the Nampa Civic Center.  With Brian McCullough as Roy Orbison and Mac Fisherman as both Frankie Vallie and Billy Joel, they will transport you through decades of the best music ever produced.  Family friendly and out of the wet!  Show starts at 2:30.  

Nampa Civic Center tickets are $18.75-$32.75 for the theater show, $16.75-$27.75 for the garden, at ICTickets. The Indian Creek Steakhouse performance costs $25 (show only) or $50 (dinner and show) at

7.  Finally, don't miss the Warhawk Memorial Day Flyover at the Warhawk Air Museum.  The flyovers happen all day and they are truly impressive.  What better way to celebrate Memorial Day then the way it was intended to be celebrated!  The airmen do this to pay tribute to our heroes.  

The Warhawk Air Museum is a great place to explore with the whole family and is open during the flyovers from 10 to 5. 

*** BucketList Adventure this Week **

While I was out traveling around Idaho for my BucketList last week, I ended up in the small town of Atlanta.  It was quite a drive back there but well worth it!  Down Hwy 21 past Idaho City and almost to Lowman (about 11/2 hours outside Boise to the turnoff), is a turnoff to Atlanta.  The rest of the way is a dirt road, but most of it is very travelable even by car.  After the turnoff you travel about 40 miles on dirt road before you come into Atlanta.

It is a beautiful town situated in the Boise National Forest.  There are a ton of camping and fishing spots along the way so stop and stay for the weekend.  When I got into Atlanta we stopped and had lunch at the Beaver Lodge.  Best Burger!  Had a great chat with the bartender (I love bartenders...they know everything!) and found out about a hidden hot springs in the area.  About 2 miles out of town off Power Plant Road you can either continue straight and there is one on the right (this would be best for young children or if you are not physically agile because it is easy to get to) or you can take a left before the bridge, drive to the "No Overnight Camping" sign, park and look over the edge.  

It is AMAZING!  A short climb down and it is a waterfall right into a spring.  Super clean and there is even a bench.  It is right off the river.  We spent all afternoon here and even in the rain it was worth it!  

This is one of the most beautiful and remote spots I have visited on my BucketList.  Stay tuned to the website for pictures this week!  I highly recommend taking the drive over there.  Say hello to the bartender at the Beaver Lodge for me!

See you next week!