Apr. 5, 2020

121. Atomic Burger at Arco Pickle's Place

I was really glad I brought my appetite when I made it to Pickle’s Place in Arco. I was at the end of a week-long BucketList tour and my belly was ready to savor that Atomic Burger I had been hearing so much about. I was NOT disappointed! Wow! The burger was incredible and I’m not just being nice. It even came with fresh cut Idaho Potato fries. I literally thought I couldn’t stuff another bite in...and then I realized they had fried pickles. Who passes up fried pickles?! Not this girl. It was worth unbuttoning that top button on my jeans.

The burgers were seasoned with John’s Steak and Seasoning Spice then cooked to perfection. (You can actually buy that spice at the stores in Boise. I know the Co-op has it.) The service was fun and even though they were busy, they still went out of their way to make you feel welcome. I loved the atmosphere. It was like a 1950s soda shop. Very classic and simple.

Now, you may be wondering what makes an atomic burger...well atomic! I asked that too. The name actually comes from the town of Arco (where Pickle’s Place is located). Arco became the first city in the World to be powered by atomic energy on July 17th, 1955. Makes sense right?! By the way, they also make a fantastic steak.

The building is all painted this crazy neon type green. I asked my server if it was because of the name...ya know...Pickle’s. She laughed and let me know that it is actually radioactive green. Ummmm….what?! Between that and the six-foot-high-chair, they have out front you might take a minute to pause and say WTF.

This is quite the drive from Boise for a burger (even if it is a GREAT burger), but if you are visiting Craters of the Moon, stop and grab a bite. Not only did I fall in love with their pickle mascot but I had a blast! And a dang good dinner.

Location: Take I-84E about 40 miles to Exit 95 for US-20N. Left on US-20E for 100 miles. Turn left onto US-20 E/US-26 E/US-93 N/N Main St and follow for 44 miles. Turn right onto Front St and get ready to eat!

Address: 440 S. Front St. / Arco
Phone: 208-527-9944

Website: picklesplacerestaurant.com

Good to Know: They are the hot spot in town so if you get there during busy meal times, they WILL be busy. The wait is well worth it.

Hours: Everyday 6 am to 11 pm

Cost: They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Prices range from the lower end of $10 to $25.

Special Notes: Arco is full of BucketList treats. Grab a burger and visit the submarine across the street or check out Number Hill from the parking lot. Not to mention all the atomic history in this little town. Try not to fall in love with their Pickle Mascot….bet you can’t!