Apr. 5, 2020

107. Idaho Falls Idaho Temple

To be completely transparent, I am not LDS. That said, I was still eager to visit the Idaho Falls Idaho Temple in Idaho Falls. The architecture alone lands it on the BucketList. Driving up I was a little intimidated. The Temple is majestic in stature and the grounds surrounding it peaceful and serene. I was looking forward to touring it.

After I parked in the parking lot, I was approached by a very nice security officer. The grounds were getting ready to close for the day. I explained to him that I was on a BucketList adventure tour and the Temple was on my list. He was very kind and allowed me to tour the grounds despite the hour. Since I am not LDS I was unable to enter the building, but if you are LDS I strongly advise an inside tour. If it is half as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside, you will be awestruck.

The grounds are pretty substantial so it did take some time to walk around. There are beautiful fountains and many benches to sit. The benches are perfect if you are looking for someplace to sit and reflect or even just read. I had driven quite a bit that day so I took advantage of the benches and rested. Just sitting there in the quiet was a pleasant way to end the day.

If you are LDS, the Temple is a great tribute to your religion and if you are not, it is definitely worth a visit.

History: The Temple in Idaho Falls was announced on March 3, 1937. The building was designed by the church board of temple architects: Edward O. Anderson, Georgious Y. Cannon, Ramm Hansen, John Fetzer, Hyrum Pope, Lorenzo Snow Young. The exterior of the Temple was completed in September 1941 and the interior was expected to be completed the following year. However, with World War II shortages, it delayed the completion of the Temple for four more years. In spite of delays, LDS Church President George Albert Smith dedicated the Idaho Falls Temple just one month after the war ended, on September 23, 1945. (Wikipedia)

Location: Take I-84E 185 miles to exit 228 in Cassia County. Get on I-86E/US-30E for 15 miles. Follow I-86E and I-15N for 95 miles to Fremont Ave. in Idaho Falls. Take the Exit towards Riverside Dr/City Center from US-20E. Follow Riverside Dr and Fremont Ave to find the Temple.

Address: 1000 Memorial Drive/Idaho Falls
Phone: 208-522-7669

Website: www.churchofjesuschrist.org/temples/details/idaho-falls-idaho-temple

Eats: There are several restaurants near the Temple if you want to grab lunch or have dinner.

Copper Rill Restaurant
415 River Pkway / Idaho Falls
American food, Casual dining

The Snakebite Restaurant
401 Park Ave / Idaho Falls
American Bistro

Jalisco’s Mexican Restaurant
325 River Pkway / Idaho Falls
Mexican American

468 N. Eastern Ave.
Fine dining, Steak and Seafood

Special Notes: If you are not LDS you will not be able to enter the building, but be sure to enjoy the grounds as I did!