Oct. 26, 2016

10. Sit in a SpaceShip

I just love Wallace, Idaho! After two days there I thought I had done everything, but my third day brought more adventures onto the horizon. I would like to suggest here that everyone, no matter what time of year or whether you have a week or just a weekend, go spend some of that time in Wallace. There is so much to do….you can’t possibly get bored. The scenery is beautiful, the people delightful and they have a spaceship! Yep! A SPACESHIP!! Nerdy kid dream accomplished.

If you ask anyone in Wallace where is the best place to grab a burger, they all say the Red Light Garage. Since they added that the Garage had a huckleberry milkshake to die for, I was headed there with no hesitation. This place did not disappoint.

The building is an actual garage. I got the chance to speak to Jamie and Barbara, the owners of this super cute establishment, and was told about how it actually was a garage when they bought it. They started out with coffee and shakes and as they expanded the garage became a full restaurant. The garage door still works! The whole place is decorated in a mix of 50’s and 60’s style memorabilia. There are license plates from all over the world adorning the ceiling. Even one from Australia. After a fantastic meal and, of course, that huckleberry milkshake, I asked Jamie about the spaceship sitting outside in the parking lot. Nerdy me just took over.

The SpaceShip was left over from a hotel a great many years ago. They just left it where it is. It has become a novelty in the town (The town boasts that it is the Center of the Universe. They are allowed to keep that title because according to law, if you can’t disprove something then it must be true.) Jamie and Barbara even have a Rocket Car they drive in parades. How cool is that?!

Location: Wallace, Idaho. Take I-84 out of Boise headed toward Oregon for 252 miles. Take Exit 179 for I-82 toward Umatilla for 30 miles. Take Exit 113 for US-395 for 7 miles. Then take the US-12/US-395 Exit toward Spokane, Washington. Keep left and merge onto I-183 E. Continue onto US-395 for 74 miles. Merge onto I-90 E (entering back into Idaho). After 139 miles take Exit 61 toward Wallace.
Address - 302 5th Street / 208-556-0575

Hours: Open 7 days a week serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.
7 am to 8 pm Sunday thru Thursday / 7 am to 9 pm Friday and Saturday with live music
Beer on tap!

Cost: The menu has a pretty varied selection. Prices range up to about $15. Very reasonable and extremely good!
Sitting in the SpaceShip is FREE!

Lodging: There is plenty of local hotels, bed and breakfasts and camping available around Wallace. Check out the city website Wallace-id.com.

Special Notes: Take the kids…they will love it! Take lots of pictures. This is a place for all ages. If you grew up dreaming about riding in the Millennium Falcon with Hans Solo…this is almost that cool. (Okay, maybe not, but…I SAT IN A SPACESHIP!!)