Aug. 31, 2016

101. Alligator at Miracle Hot Springs

Miracle Hot Springs has a very special resident. Rosy the alligator makes her home in the warm water of the springs.... making the impossible possible in Idaho. An alligator in Idaho! Who would have thought?! Rosy and I met after I had spent several hours enjoying the warm water myself. I was relaxed...she was least I think she was. Lets just say after living in Florida a good part of my life it was pretty strange seeing an alligator while visiting a hot springs in Idaho. However, the hot springs (and visiting with Rosy) was worth the drive.

The water at Miracle Hot Springs is as warm as you want it. They have several large pools in the general area. There is one directly under the stairs that they keep at a much higher temperature for those crazy people that really like the heat. The other pool is more moderate and very large. There are no chemicals used in the spring water. Every night the pools are drained and cleaned. EVERY NIGHT! The water is beautiful and there is absolutely no smell of sulphur.

I rented a private bath area (it was really cheap). I wanted to relax and it was so peaceful that I almost fell asleep in the water! In the private baths you can put the water to any temperature you want. I cranked up the heat as much as I could. Each private bath has its own changing area and private pool. The adobe walls give it an artistic look and you really feel like you are in your own private world. The private baths are drained an cleaned after every use.

This is not far from Boise and it makes a great day trip or, if you are looking for an overnight or several day getaway, this is a fantastic place to escape from the world. Rosy loves visitors! (Okay, probably not, but it is a great escape.)

Location: The GPS address is 109073B US-30. However, it doesn't always come up on every GPS system so I have detailed instructions to go along with it. Its very easy.

Take I-84 out of Boise towards Twin Falls. Go approximately 85 miles. Take Exit 141 US-26 toward Gooding/Hagerman. Head right off the Exit towards Hagerman. It's approximately 19 miles on the left. Make sure you are looking. Its off the road and kind of hard to see.

Phone number: 208-543-6002

Hours: 8 am to 11 pm Monday thru Saturday.
They are closed every Sunday.

Cost: General Pool Prices: $10 Adult / $8 Senior / $4 Child (4-5)
Private Pool Prices: In addition to the general pool price
$4 for 1 hour / $12 for 2 hours

Lodging: This is a great place to spend a few days. They have very clean and affordable options for lodging.
Camping Domes / $69 and up depending on size
RV Sites / $20 a night
Tent Areas / $10 a night

They also have event accommodations.

BEST OF ALL....They have Massage Services for $45 and up

Food: You will need to pack in your own food and beverages. Both Twin Falls and Hagerman are not far up the road, but if you are planning on staying it would be best to stock up the cooler and bring it along.

Special Notes: It is kid and pet friendly. However, keep an eye on your pet so that Rosy doesn't end up getting an unexpected snack. Pets are not allowed around the pool area and you are expected to keep an eye on the kiddos. There is a small play area for kids with playground equipment and lots of room to run around. Go relax and let the water take your cares away. Say hello to Rosy for me!