Aug. 29, 2016

7. Catch a Rainbow Trout

I love to fish! But, to be honest...I am not the best fisherman in Idaho. Actually I'm not that good at all, but I love it so much I don't really care. Except when I was trying to catch a Rainbow Trout for my Bucket List. After three days I finally caught this little guy and one of his little friends (don't worry, he and his friend went right back into the water after I snapped a picture). It took me 4 years and lots of practice to catch his friend on the right!

Fishing is a great way to spend time together as a family or get some much needed quiet time for yourself.

A good idea: I have decided to seek out some fishermen with better skills than I obviously have. I would really like to catch something bigger than Nemo.

Important: There are rules and regulations for fishing in Idaho. To check out these rules visit the Idaho Fish and Game website:

Our Journey: My son and I decided to go fishing up above Council, Idaho. We found a great campground less than a mile from Lost Valley Reservoir. It was beautiful and everyone (but me) was catching fish right and left. Here are the details of our trip.

Location: Lost Valley Reservoir. First, you head up to Council, Idaho approximately 125 miles west of Boise. From Boise take I-84 approximately 46 miles west to US-95 Exit 3 toward Fruitland/Payette. Take US-95 for approximately 75 miles and it will lead you straight into Council. US-95 veers to the right in the middle of Council. After the turn go about another 17 miles north on US-95. On the left take Forest Rd. 089 at the Pine Ridge Store Junction. Take the road about 2 miles down to a fork. At the fork veer to the left and follow the signs. The road goes all the way around the reservoir.

Camping: There are quite a few camping spots around the reservoir. We decided to stay at a campground that was just down the road (Forest Rd. 089). It was Cold Springs Campground. It was a really nice little place with great facilities. The forest service ranger even came by and was helpful, and full of information. I, of course, talked his ear off! This place had toilet facilities and so did most of the pull-off places around the reservoir.

There are several docks so that you can put a boat in. It is a big reservoir!

The fishing: Now, not to repeat myself, but I am not the best fishermen. That said, there were some people out there who knew what they were doing and the fish were practically jumping onto their hooks. My son mostly swam and threw in a worm or two, but I kinda hogged the poles thinking I would have better luck. (Okay, maybe not.)

Special Notes: New Meadows is about 8 miles further up US-95 so if you don't catch your dinner they have some nice places to eat. I would definitely bring the kiddos and the pets. They would have a blast. Just be safe when around the water.

Fishing is a great family adventure. Idaho Fish and Game has fishing clinics throughout the spring and summer that help kids learn more about fishing (or adults, like me, who need to improve their skills). Get out there and enjoy the great outdoors Idaho Style!