Aug. 25, 2016

110. Garden Valley Fireworks - Crouch, Idaho

This year the New York Post called the Crouch 4th of July celebration "a redneck 4th of July that kind of makes you proud to be an American." Anyone who has been up to this insanely crazy good time knows that statement is more than a "kind of." It's an all day event with pancakes, soapbox cars, great food and a fireworks show like you have never....and I mean never...seen before to end the night. You literally need an umbrella to keep all the falling debris off your hair! It's crazy, wild, and absolutely beautiful! I have never seen so many fireworks in my life (and I have seen quite a few 4th of Julys). The whole sky lights up in celebration. There are sparklers, rockets and some that boom so loud you can feel it in your bones. For those moments of sparkling splendor there is no distance between people. We are all just American's....hugging, laughing, dancing and enjoying America's birthday.

History: Crouch, Idaho is named for Bill Crouch who came to the area from 1870-1890. He homesteaded right where Crouch stands today. When the town got a post office they picked up the name Crouch and it stuck! Even after the town got incorporated. It is the only town in the Garden Valley area that is governed by a mayor and city council members. It is the center of Garden Valley. There are some great shops, restaurants, a lumber yard, laundromat, bank, and a bunch of other stuff I'm not going to list. There are events all year long in Crouch but the one they are most famous for is the 4th of July fireworks show.

Location: Crouch, Idaho. From Boise...Turn onto Hwy 55 from State Street in Boise. Go 40 miles and then turn right onto Banks Loman Rd. Go 8 miles on the Middlefork of the Payette River. Then turn left on Middlefork Rd. You will literally run right into the center of Crouch 1 mile later.

Dates: Every 4th of July. The morning starts with a pancake feed and then a flag raising ceremony. After that they have kids games in the park including a soapbox derby, a river raft race and a duck race. Then comes the parade and at dark....It's time for the Fireworks to come out!

Cost: There are no costs associated with the fireworks show. There are going to be some small costs associated with eating and the events in the park, but that can be at your discretion.

Lodging: There are many choices for lodging up in the Crouch/Garden Valley area. I would suggest that you call ahead if you are staying somewhere and get there early to get a camp spot.

Wander Inn Hotel and Cabins / 462-2305 / Rates Vary
Walk on the Wild Side B & B / 462-3451 / Ranch Setting / Rates
run from $130 - $190 a night
Garden Valley Motel and RV Park / 462-2911 / Rates Vary
Terrace Lakes Resort / 462-3250 / Motel Rms $59 + a night, Cabins $79 a night, and Condos $175 + a night / They have a golf course!!
Crouch Merc RV Park / 462-3817 / Rates not listed
Silver Creek Plunge / 739-3400 / Cabins $69 a night / They are about 25 miles outside of Crouch but worth the drive / They also have RV and tent camping / Geothermal Pool

Camping - There are a lot of camping places around the area. Most rent for $15-$30 a night and are run by the Forest Service / They all have RV and Tent camping

Swinging Bridge Campground
Big Eddy Campground
Canyon Creek Campground
Tie Creek Campground
Rattlesnake Campground
Hard Scrabble Campground
Deadwood Campground
Pine Flats Campground

Food: There a some good vittle places in Crouch!! They are all reasonably priced.

Wild Bills Coffee & Bistro / Breakfast and Lunch
Terrace Lakes Restaurant / Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Two Rivers Grill / Lunch and Dinner

** I ate at Two Rivers Grill and it was fantastic. Inside the restaurant is beautiful and you can sit on the large deck outside. The food is great! **

Grocers - There are two grocers in town so you can stock up for camping. Garden Valley Market and the Crouch Merc.

Special Notes: You can bring your kids and your pets but I would not recommend bringing either to the fireworks show. If you want to watch with them I would do it from outside of town. Inside town gets pretty crazy. There are a lot of drunken shenanigans going on and its not really safe for kids or pets. They would, however, really enjoy the events during the day.

This is the best fireworks show ever!! You have to get out there and see it at least once. It's amazing to look up and see the Idaho Mountain sky lit up with all those sparklers. It is truly a sight you will never forget!