Jun. 8, 2016

72. Stand on "the Blue" turf at BSU

I don't care if you are a Bronco fan or not, stepping on that blue turf feels amazing! Just thinking about all the hard working football players who have crossed this field and the many heart stopping games played here, makes the moment unforgettable. To remember my moment I was sure to wear my favorite Bronco hat!

A bit of History: "The Blue" is actually Lyle Smith Field. It received it's nickname after it was installed in 1986. It was the first non-green artificial football field in the country.

Location: The physical address is 1910 University Drive in Boise. If you would like to actually get close to the field without attending a game (though I suggest a game if you get the chance), there is a public entrance through the Allen Noble Hall of Fame located in the SW corner of Albertson's Stadium.

Hall of Fame Hours: Monday to Friday from 8 to 5. The field is closed to visitors on weekends, holidays, game days and during practices.

Cost: There is no charge to go thru the Hall of Fame or to view the field.

Special Notes: Definitely kid friendly! Keep an ear out for special events at the field. They often have Buster Bronco there for the kiddos!

They also hold many football camps for kids during the summer. It is a great chance for kids to improve football skills, meet BSU players and get to put a foot on the blue turf.

Be sure to take a walk thru the Hall of Fame and read about all the athletic talent that has been through the BSU doors.