Say Yes to New Adventures!!

Ever since Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson jumped head-on into adventure on the "Bucket List", loads of adventure seekers have rushed to make their own bucket lists.  Ideas can be found on Facebook, in blogs and articles....really just about anywhere.  But if you are like me, you need more than just an need instructions.

How far is it? Can I drive? Take my dog? My kids? Is there a hotel near by? A campground?.....and hundreds of other necessary details.  This website is dedicated to answering those questions. 

After sifting through a ton of ideas, I have compiled a Bucket List for each state in the Great Northwest and I will be doing EVERY SINGLE THING on those lists.  As I complete each item I will be uploading videos, pictures and.....INSTRUCTIONS.

Let's go on an adventure and maybe you'll find something to add to your Bucket List.


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Let's start with....... IDAHO!

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🤪 Jason...I can't think of a better adventure partner!  Lets adventure til we are old and grey!

🙃 Garrett....thanks for getting me out of my head and out on the road.  Sometimes you know your Mom better than she does!

😎 Adam....thanks for letting Mom pull you along on adventures you thought you were too cool for and having fun!

🤩 Kenzi.....thanks for letting me drag the kiddos on adventures!  I sure love my daughter's babies!